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Rest Rest rest

With the many life roles that we are responsible for in our daily lives it is quite uneasy to balance all the daily activities that we need to do. It has been proven that as individuals we need at least eight hours of sleep to rest fully and for toxins to be flushed out of their bodies, and unfortunately individuals sleep for less than eight hours on some days if they had a busy day. If sleep is lost, it is recommended for individuals to take short naps during the day if they are not busy to make up for the sleeping hours they could not get. As work and school is about resume for the masses, individuals have to start changing their sleeping routines immediately for it to be a norm and to refrain from having difficulties when they have to wake up early in the mornings. As a student I would like to provide tips in terms of productiveness. Students should figure out whether their minds are productive in the morning, afternoon or night and they need to something every day which is school related to increase chances of getting marks, and for adults they can prepare for work when they get home to make lives easier for them.



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