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Knowing your partner’s love language allows you to meet their needs before they even express them. You are less likely to have miscommunication issues if you know how to reach the other person on their level best. This interchange will grow your relationship on deeper levels.
For example, if your love language is receiving gifts, receiving a gift can uplift your day and completely change your mood. To your partner, receiving gifts may be a nice gesture, but if acts of service mean more to them, preparing breakfast or giving them a “night off” from their duties may be appreciated far more. Taking time to study what means the most to each other will help you and your partner anticipate each other’s needs beforehand and communicate better.
And for those whose love language is quality time, you may need to adjust to sharing everyday activities rather than doing them alone. Studies have shown that doing everyday activities with your partner by your side, such as working out together or preparing meals together, can strengthen your bond and help you rely on and get through challenges together. Plus, this together time will mean a lot to a partner whose love language is quality time.
Making an effort to reach your loved one on their level will pay big dividends for your relationship. The value will speak for itself once you begin to apply these principles to how you express love and communicate. You and your partner deserve to be loved by each other in the best way possible. It pays to take the time to explore and study each other to figure out how to connect best and express love.
Think about it: if you’re an “Acts of Service” person dating a “Words of Affirmation” person, your partner might shower you with compliments and “I love you”s every day, but you would spend the relationship not feeling truly appreciated because they never offer to run errands or do the dishes. Understanding your partner’s love language will help you discern how they show their love, so that you do feel loved and appreciated, knowing the way in which they give their love is different than yours.

If your partner prefers touch, nothing speaks to them more than having a sense of connection and security. Things like being kissed, hugged, or cuddled will reassure them that they are loved. 
A person whose love language is physical touch will behave in a very affectionate way because that makes them feel loved and safe. If being touch-feely, especially in public, is not your thing – try talking to your partner about it. You could then come to a compromise.  For example, agreeing to just hold hands in public might satisfy your partner’s need for physical touch, while at the same time not being too much for you if you’re uncomfortable with public displays of affection. 
The famous term “actions speak louder than words” appeals the most to these people. If your partner doesn’t deal well with broken commitments or empty promises, this is most likely their love language. So if your partner takes commitments and appointments very seriously, you should be willing to respect that and only commit to what you can. Don’t tell them you will do something or be somewhere when you’re unable to and let them know when you’ll be late or will miss and appointment (as far in advance as possible).
If every phone call ends with “love you!” and they say things like “hello, sexy!” even when you’re not feeling particularly that, your partner uses words of affirmation and is likely looking for the same. If you’re the strong silent type you may need a minute to work phrases such as, “I so appreciate you” and “You’re honestly such a great parent” into the regular flow of conversation, but you can get there—and every time you do, your partner will feel seen.


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