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Most countries are experiencing the fourth wave and the current variant which is increasing the daily infections for the Corona-Virus is named the Omicron. Countries in the African continent have bad economies and they have been trying to control the virus, so that their lives can go back to normal and for them to be able to improve their economies. Unfortunately, many individuals still do not comprehend what Covid-19 is and they are reluctant in terms of getting the vaccine to lower the chances of getting the virus, because rumours have been spread for almost two years that they might die if they take the vaccine. However, all citizens do not want to be on lockdown anymore with restrictions, but restrictions will always be present until everyone decides to vaccinate and protect themselves and others surrounding them in the same society. In Zimbabwe the state is considering to ban the unvaccinated citizens from using public transport to possibly reduce the infections in the country. Currently, all the citizens are permitted to get their jabs at the bus terminals to make it easy accessible for them, as a sudden spike in Omicron infections which hit the country. The Zimbabwean government is now ramping up its vaccination drive by taking the jabs to the people to increase the number of those who have been fully vaccinated since some are waiting for the effects of one dose, and have not received the next dose. Little do they know that the vaccine boosters are on the way.



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